About Us

You bump into a lot of cool stuff every day... Some awesome gadget a friend has or brags about... And you end up wondering where did he got it from?

I admit it. I was once in your shoes... sometimes lost in my inability to find THAT mind bending device for myself... a smart watch... action camera... headphones... whatever it was, it was always a hell-trip through the web to find it.

But it wasn't always about 'cool'... Sometimes it was simply... useful... And I would've bent over backwards to get it!

So... How hard can it be to find that specific item I needed?

First of all... the price!!! I found it alright, but not for pennies on the dollar like my friend did, and secondly... even if it was a bit pricey it was not the quality I desired.

So... I wanted to change that for you and me both! I started reaching out to new down-to-earth manufacturers... The kind that build desired articles using premium materials and wouldn't charge an arm and a leg for it... And open my own shop with them backing me up.

What I gathered is the most perfect collection of desired items that spiked search engines throughout 2017.

But I didn't stop there... I'm 25 hours a day online searching for the craziest ideas on the best available prices... Actually some of the cool stuff you'll find in my online shop are nowhere else on the whole web. Not only that, but to bring it even more closer to you, if you have any requests, I'd be glad to hear them and I'll do my best to find that 'cool stuff' that fits you right!


So, go ahead and check them out!